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Intelligent Microscopic In-line Defect Detection System

At the Hannover Messe HaikuTech introduced their ‘Intelligent Microscopic In-line Defect Detection System’ called Haikuracy. A high-resolution quality control system based on an industrial, self-learning AI system. For surface scan of substrates and fuel cells. Ask us for details.

The building of HaikuTech Europe in Maastricht, The Netherlands, has received the ‘Class A+++ Energy Label’ for maximum use of energy efficiency technologies and durability. HaikuTech encourage other manufacturers to invest in implementation of energy-efficient products and appliances.

Last year we opened our new test and prototyping facility in Miami, USA. Now Haiku Tech Europe is on the move...

Our new address from the 21st of December is:

Haiku Tech Europe BV
Watermolen 12
6229 PM Maastricht
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (43) 457 8080

Take care and stay safe.
The HaikuTech Team

Mr. Ralph Habets is appointed as General Manager Haikutech Europe. Mr. Roderik Höppener comments: "We are very pleased with this crucial appointment for our continued growth, while securing the interests of customers by the quality of products and services for their manufacturing plants."

Haiku Tech introduces µNET INSPECTOR 1.6 a vision inspection machine with an outstanding performance/speed ratio. Self-learning artificial intelligence software in combination with high quality components, allows microscopic scale defect detection while inspecting the full object at speeds previously impossible. The development of this innovative INDUSTRY 4.0 technology was made possible by funding of the EU as part of the qSOFC project for low cost manufacturing of solid oxide fuel cells.


[April 30 - May 1, 2024]

HaikuTech will be an Exhibitor at the 2024 Ceramics Expo in Novi, MI (USA).

Please visit for additional event information.

Haikutech Multilayer Ceramics Equipment and Technology

The Best Equipment Anywhere

Our equipment is used by the world’s top companies who trust us as the reliable and knowledgeable source for the best equipment on the market.

Working with our partner Keko Equipment, we offer custom-designed, front-end equipment for the production of all multilayer ceramic devices. We offer LONG Automatic’s leading TCP end-metallization equipment. Schmid Thermal Systems completes the line with belt furnaces and LTCC firing systems. Our customers have come to rely on us for:

  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors and varistors
  • Low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC)
  • High-temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC)
  • Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Piezo ceramic sensors and actuators.

Meanwhile, we bring you dielectric and microwave powders through our partner PDC.

We have worked closely with the manufacturers for many years and know this equipment inside and out so our customers can count on the best price, availability and knowledge to get the maximum value out of this top-quality equipment.

Talk to us and you’ll discover quickly what a difference the knowledge and experience of our people can make. Then let’s put all this knowledge to work for you and your company. It’s the difference-maker you need to guide you to success.





Multilayer Equipment

Multilayer Equipment

Inspection & Singulation

Inspection & Singulation