When companies anywhere in the world want to work in the field of multilayer ceramics, they turn to Haiku Tech for the knowledge they need.

It’s no mystery why. Our people have proven, extensive track records in engineering, in scale-up, in design and in every other aspect of multilayer ceramic technology. Their one and only goal is to guide you to the best product outcome, the best production process and the fastest speed-to-market.

How do they do this? Because they’ve done this. They know the best practices and they understand both the equipment and the technology that optimizes it.

Talk to us and you’ll discover quickly what a difference the knowledge and experience of our people can make. Then let’s put all this knowledge to work for you and your company. It’s the difference-maker you need to guide you to success.


Speed to Market

The development cycle for multilayer ceramic projects can be lengthy, particularly if trial-and-error results in changes of direction, rebuilding and frequent corrections. In other words, there is too much error. It’s not uncommon for companies to need two or three years to complete a development cycle without qualified assistance and guidance.

But there’s no reason it should take you that long.

Companies that work with Haiku Tech routinely complete development cycles in a year or less. Our knowledge and experience helps you avoid errors and missteps, so your development process is smooth, painless and you can get your products to market quickly.

speed to market

Seasoned Experts

Our people are specialists in the process of design and optimization in multilayer ceramics. It’s that unrivaled expertise that gives our customers comfort and confidence to move seamlessly from concept to implementation.

As accomplished in the field of engineering as they are in the knowledge of our equipment and technology, the team at Haiku Tech is the partner to expertly guide you through every phase of the process. They’ll work with you to reduce your timeframe, sharpen your concepts, set up a flawless factory and effectively scale your projects.

There is simply no better consulting or scale-up team in the world. We demand a proven track record of achievement in the consultants who work with our customers. It is the only way to ensure the value you require as you venture into the challenging field of multilayer ceramics.

Consultants at work