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One Of a Kind

No other company in the world handles the multilayer ceramic process from beginning to end.

Whether you need access to the best equipment, the technology to optimize it or the knowledge to bring it all together, there’s only one answer - Haiku Tech.

Founded in 1996, Haiku Tech’s vision has always been to ensure you are well equipped, with the best guidance, experience and ideas in multilayer ceramics.

With Haiku Tech on board, our customers routinely cut their development cycles from two-to-three years down to below one year. That means lower cost, better market penetration and faster realization of revenue.

Our seasoned consultants are experienced engineers – technical people who are second to none in working through the design and scale-up process. Work with us through our offices in the USA and Europe or our worldwide agents.

This is why we were founded. It’s what we do. It’s why you need Haiku Tech.


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