Compact Tape Caster

CAM-C series

Compact Tape Caster

The CAM-C compact series of tape casters are designed and built to meet the most stringent customer demands where floor space is limited. A need for higher automation levels, higher accuracy and compact design led to the design of these truly innovative tape casters. The ceramic slurry is continuously dosed through a high accuracy slotted die casting head level height control or a doctor blade casting box. Fully automatic coating gap control, with auto zero calibration. The process can be continuously monitored on the touch screen. Preset menus can be used to quickly start a new casting batch. The length and width of the unit can be customized. Drying (curing) can be realized by IR, UV, and/or hot plates with hot air.

Technical Specification

Casting speed: 0.1 - 6 m/min (0.3-20 ft./min) adjustable
Carrier tape width: 250 mm or 350 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.) depends of version
Casting width: up to 200 mm max. (8 inch), or up to 300 mm max. (12 inch)
Dry tape thickness: 5-150 microns (0.2-6 mils)
Thickness accuracy: +/- 1 micron (0.04 mils)
Carrier film thickness: 20 to 75 microns (1 to 3 mils)
Drying: 5 individual bottom heating plates, top side filtered air adjustable from room temperature to 120° C Max
Slurry feeding: automatic by air or Nitrogen pressure
Slurry vessel: 25L (6.6 gal)
Carrier film control: speed controlled by servo motor, tension by adjustable weight, tracking mechanism with edge sensor for tape reeling.
Construction: Stainless steel frame and enclosure
Safety: CE compliant
App. dimensions: L x W x H: 3.5 m (136 inch) x 1.1 m (43 inch) x 1.5 m (59 inch), without exhaust tubes
Power consumption: app. 10 kW , depends on configuration

How to order

Cam C XX X X
| | | | |
| | | | L - for 2m longer dying section
| | | B - for base model without touch screen and automatic blade gap setting
| | 25 35 or only -max. PET film width in cm; *option: special custom request
| Compact type
Casting machine