Green Tape Blanker


Green Tape Blanker SC-series

The SC-series blanks green ceramic sheets from a roll of green tape. The sheets are used on our punching, printing and stacking machines, where sheets, instead of roll of green tapes are loaded.

  1. A roll of green tape is loaded in a un-winder,
  2. The edges of the ceramic tape have been trimmed in the tape caster,
  3. The sheet is cut to the desired length,
  4. Individual sheets are collected in a magazine,
  5. automated sorting of marked sheets or by AOI vision optionally into good and bad bins.

An antistatic device prevents electrostatic charge build up. Different machine configurations are possible to meet specific requirements.

Technical Specification

Output: Up to 20 cuts/min.
Carrier tape width: 250 mm or 450 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.) depends of version
Tape width: 250 or 450 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.)
Cutting length: can be set typically square
Two cutting types in length direction possible
Blades and tools: Wear resistant carbide
Roll outside diameter: 350 mm max. (14inch)
Safety: CE compliant
Slurry vessel: 25L (6.6 gal)

Available options

  • Cutting Tape edges
  • Registration holes punch
  • Sorting sheets based on thickness deviation (tape has to be previously marked)
  • Optical inspection software - Sorting sheets according to their quality
  • 3 or 6 inch unwinder core

How to order

| | | | |
| | | | Cassette to magazine (C) or Sheet to Tray (T)
| | | No punch holes (N) or Punch holes (P)
| | Tape on Mylar (M) Freestanding tape (F)
| PET width (25, 45, 60 - PET film width in cm; *option: special custom request) Sheets Cutter
Sheet Cutter