Suitable for labs to medium production volumes

Stacking Machine SW-series

The SW-Series of stackers were designed for LTCC, HTCC and other applications where maximum flexibility is required. On these machines the green ceramic tapes without or with carrier film can be processed. If carrier film supported tapes are used, then tape can be first pressed on to the previous one and after that the carrier film will be removed automatically. Carrier film can also be removed before stacking manually. With optional rotation station sheets can be stacked either with face down or face up, depending on component design. Stack is built on a single carrier block. The stacking sequence such as pressing force and pressing time, sheet roatation and carrier film removal are fulle programmable via a touch screen interface. Two high resolution camers controlled by a PC vision system detect registration marks. A x,y and theta aligment table align individual sheet to proper position before stacking.

Fast machine start up, simple operation, high alignment accuracy and small footprint make this machine very suitable for labs to medium production volumes.

Technical Specification

Number of carrier block processsed: 1
Stacking force: up to 420 kN (94419 lbf)
Stacking temperature: up to 80 °C (176 °F)
Typical cycle time: 15 sec. (depending of stacking time)
Control: PLC + PC for vision acquistion
Number vision cameras: 2
App. dimensions: L x W x H: 1,8 m (70 inch) x 1,3 m (51 inch) x 2,0 m (79 inch)
Electricity: according to the customer requirements
Power: app. 5 kW
Compressed air: 0,6 MPa (90 PSI), up to 200 L/min (7 CFM)
Vacuum: -0,09 MPa/ -13 PSI (0,02 MPa/ 2.9 PSI absolute), 200 L/min / 7 CFM.

Available options

  • rotation station, vacuum pump, programmable

How to order

SW - X X X X X
| | | | | |
| | | | | V - Vacuum
| | | | Pressing force: L - Low up to 200 kN, H - High up to 420 kN
| | | Sheet alignment: P - Pin, V - Vision
| | Sheet loading: M - Manual, A - Automtisc from cassette
| Sheet size: 6, 8 inch
Stacker SW type