Automatic High Layer Stack Production

  • Automatic sheet handling from cassettes
  • Carrier palettes automatic loading / unloading
  • Automatically remove carrier films before stacking
  • Automatic vision alignment
  • High force pre-lamination press included
  • Suitable for high layer count stacks
Stacking Machine ST-series

The ST-series of Stackers were specifically developed for high layers count applications where up to 8 different patterns need to be stacked automatically. These stackers are available in automatic or manual versions. On these machines the carrier film is removed first, then the sheet is pressed on to a previous one using relatively low force. After the stack is built up, it moves to the pre-lamination press, where it is pressed with a higher pressing force. The sheets are handled by a vacuum chuck, so these stackers are not suitable for components with through-holes or cavities. Stacks up to 12 mm are normally built on a carrier block. Higher stacks are built in a cavity which prevents the layers from becoming misaligned. Using this approach stacks of up to 100 mm in height can be made. The stacks are built on a single carrier block.

Up to 20 carrier blocks can be processed from a cassette system. The carrier blocks are loaded automatically from a cassette and placed back into the cassette after the stacking sequence is finished. On the fully automatic units the sheets are loaded from sheet holders, aligned by the vision system, the carrier film is removed and finally they are stacked. On the manual version, sheets are loaded by the operator.

The stacking sequence is fully programmable via a touch screen interface. Two high resolution cameras controlled by a PC vision system detect the sheet position. A short cycle time and high stacking accuracy make the ST stackers the best choice for high layer count individual sheet stacking machine available on the market today.

Technical Specification

Number of foil cassettes: up to 8
Number of carrier blocks magazines: 2 (one empty, one full)
Number of carrier blocks in magazine: 20 pcs
Stacking force: up to 80 kN (17984 lbf)
Electricity: according to customer’s requirements
Pre-laminating force: up to 200 kN (44961 lbf)
Stacking temperature: up to 80 °C (180 °F)
Pre-laminating temperature: up to 120 °C (250 °F)
Typical cycle time: 12 sec.
Cavity option: compatible with Keko thermal lamination press TPR
Control: PLC & PC vision with touch screen HMI
Appr. dimensions: depend on configuration
L: 2350 mm (128 inch)
W: 2520 mm (100 inch)
H: 2270 mm (90 inch)
Power appr.: 12 kW
Compressed air: 0,6 MPa (90 PSI), up to 300 L/min (10.5 CFM)
Vacuum: -0,09 MPa/ -13 PSI (0,02 MPa/ 2.9 PSI absolute), 300 L/min / 10.5 CFM

How to order

ST - X X X X
| | | | |
| | | | P - Carrier plates auto loading, C - Cavity, for high stacks, without pressing possibility
| | | Sheet alignment: P - Pin, V - Vision
| | Sheet loading: M - Manual, A - Automtisc from cassette
| Sheet size: 6, 8 inch
Stacker ST type