Simple operation, high output

  • Automatic stacks green ceramic sheets from cassettes
  • Automatically removes carrier film
  • High stacking force
  • Short cycle time
  • Suitable for large production volumes
  • Positioning pin or CCD vision sheet alignment
  • Suitable for large scale LTCC applications
Stacking Machine SB-series

The SB series of automatic green ceramic sheet stackers were designed for large scale production of electronic components such as: LTCC, HTCC, Low Layer Count Piezo, MLCI, etc. Up to 24 carrier blocks can be processed simultaneously on a high-speed transportation track. caroussel. The carrier palettes are automatically loaded on the transportation track. The palettes move from station to station according a repeated programmed sequence for each added layer until the stack is built; the carriers are automatically unloaded in a cassette for easy handling to subsequent processing steps.

The system consists of the following units:

  • A fast transportation track made of a specially shaped timing belt.
  • A cassette system for automatic loading/unloading of palettes to/from the transportation track.
  • A sheet dispensing system to automatically feed up to 8 (16) different sheets from bins.
  • An alignment system using mechanical pins or CCD Vision.
  • A tacking press with paper insertion to achieve a uniform surface.
  • A Mylar removal station after tacking from the top of the stack.

Technical Specification

Sheet placement: Automatic from foil cassettes
Registration: High accuracy registration pins or PC controlled vision system
Palette: Standard Keko or custom palettes can be use to build the stack
Stacking and pressing area: Max. 203 mm x 203 mm (8 x 8 inch)
Press: Hydraulic with the possibility to insert paper
Stacking force: Adjustable 100 – 420 kN (22480 – 94419 lbf), optionally programmable for every layer
Stacking temperature: Maximum 120 °C (250 °F) (upper plate)
Stacking time: Programmable up to 60 s
Typical cycle time: 6 s (with fast tack time)
Operator interface: PLC controlled operation
Stacking parameters such as pressure, temperature and time are adjustable
Electricity: According to customer’s requirements
Approx. dimensions: L x W x H: 2,8 m (110 inch) x 1,6 m (63 inch) x 1,7 m (67 inch)

How to order

SB - X X X
| | | |
| | | V - Vision alignment, P - Pin alignment
| | Sheet loading: M - Manual, A - Automtisc from cassette
| Sheet size: 6, 8 inch
Stacker SB type