Cover Sheet Maker CSM-Series

Save precious time in stacking process

  • Uses carrier-based tape or free-standing tape technology
  • Automatically removes carrier film from the tape
  • Makes cover-sheets directly onto your carrying palette
  • Dispenses and presses sheets in one unit
  • An optional cassette system dispenses carrying plates
  • Can be used as a sheet dispenser in a manual operation
Stacking Machine Cover Sheet Maker CSM-series

The CSM-series of Cover sheet makers uses carrier film, and/or freestanding tape technology. Carrier films are automatically removed by the Keko Equipment patented technology. Sheets are accurately positioned and pressed to form a stack of cover sheets. The saving, realized by automatically stacking and pressing coversheets off-line from the printing and stacking operations, have made the coversheet maker very successful. A belt system automatically transports the carrying plate to the position for dispensing of the sheets from the roll. A programmed number of tape sheets are cut from the roll and placed by a vacuum hand onto the stack of coversheets. The plate is moved on the belt into the press for lamination of the sheets together and glueing onto the plate. The process is fully controlled by software enabling you to stack the desired numbers of sheets under your optimal process conditions. The process HMI allows you to store standard recipes for preparation of coversheets. It can automatically load and unload blocks from a cassette. The cassettes can then be conveniently placed in your PAL-9 printer stacker to continue the process. If applications require a new feature to be added onto the machine, we will design and build the machine to accommodate this feature, working closely with you to make sure your performance expectations are met.

Technical Specification

Carrier palette size: up to 230 x 210 mm (9 x 9 inch)
Palette transport: high-speed belt
Number of sheets: fully adjustable
Stacker press force: up to 422 kN or 94870 lbf.
Stacker press: heated up to 120 °C
Safety: equipment complies with US and CE safety
Dimensions: Length 1400 mm or 55.1 inches
Width 2630 mm or 103.5 inches
Height 1880 mm or 74 inches

Available options

  • Semi automatic machine without automatic carrier block loading
  • Sheet edge glue applicator
  • Up to 2 tape feeders can be mounted
  • Automatic visual tape inspection systems to detect pinholes
  • Custom designs to meet special requests for your technology
Not all possible options listed

How to order

| | | |
| | | C - Cassettes to carriers
| | Foil width: 20, 40 cm
| Foil type: F - Freestanding, M - Mylar
Cover Sheet Maker