P-series with Auto Substrate Handling

Automatic High Precision Screen Printing Process

Automatic Screen Printer P200-series
  • Automatic sheet handling, printing, drying process
  • Two models available to meet all customer requirements
  • Fully programmable printing parameters
  • Flexible print and stencil via filling modes
  • Extensive options for demanding advanced technologies
  • Option: Hot melt screen printing technology

The P-series of screen printers offer the possibility to automatically screen print on green ceramic tapes, ceramic or glass substrates, etc. in the production of electronic components e.g. LTC C, HTCC, MLCC, hybrids or sensors. There are 2 main models based on similar mechanical designs, with a wide range of options available. As an option, sheets or substrates can be automatically loaded from a magazine into the printing table, screen printed, dried and placed back into another magazine. The main difference between the S (standard) and the A (advanced) models is in the method of alignment. On the S model the registration is done mechanically (usually with pins), while in the A model the registration is done with two CCD cameras and an automatic vision alignment system.

Technical Specification


Max. printing area: 210 x 210 mm (8.2 x 8.2 inches)
Squeegee speed: 0 - 350 mm/s (0 -14 inches/s)
Squeegee force: 0 - 250 N (0- 56 lbf)
Average accuracy: ± 5 microns (0.2 mils)
Standard screen size: 450 x 450 x 25 mm
Max screen size: 550 x 550 x 30 mm
Automatic vision alignment to fiducial: A model only
Quick screen registration: A model only
Touch screen and joy stick table control: A model only
Average cycletime print to print: 12 s print/flood mode


Dryer length: 5 m (16.4 ft)
Installed power: two zone, 5.4 kW/zon
Max.temperature: 120°C
Drying time: 5 min at 12 s cycletime

Dimensions and power requirements

App.Dimensions (L x D x H): 6100 x 1730 x 1820 mm (241 x 68 x 72 inches)
Power consumption: 12 kW
Compressed air: 0,6 MPa, 200 L/min (90 PSI, 7 CFM)
Vacuum: -0,08 MPa / -11.6 PSI (0,02 MPa/ 2.9 PSI absolute), 300 L/min (10.6 CFM)

Optionally air/vacuum exchangers can be installed

Available Options

  • Automatic paste supply: for low viscosity pastes only
  • Via filling
  • Stencil frame for stencil tensioning and quick fixing
  • Custom printing tables and substrate fixing
  • Antistatic substrate cleaning before printing
  • Through hole printing

Options for S model only

  • Touch screen control
  • Cameras in printer
  • Cross line software for easy screen alignment

Dryer options

  • Double width for double drying time

How to order

P - 200 X AM
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| | | Automatic Manipulation
| | Model S or A
| Printer size 200