Screen Print Inspection System

Designed for fine lines screen print inspection

  • Inspect shorts, opens, neck downs, mouse bites, screen stretch, screen misalignment, contamination
  • Inspect wet and dry prints offline
  • High inspection resolution
  • Advanced illumination and vision algorithms
  • Specially designed for inspecting prints on green ceramic
Screen Print Inspection System

The screen print inspection system is designed to inspect prints in multilayer green ceramic production like LTCC, HTCC, MLCC, MLCI and others. It can be used also in thick film production, for via inspection, etc., After printing the product is placed on the inspection table. The inspection table moves in to machine where the product is illuminated according to programmed parameters. A high resolution camera takes an image of the print. The advanced software inspects the taken images for defects.

Inspection software is based on golden template comparison. The golden template can be constructed using CAD Data, the system accepts DXF, DWG and Gerber RS274X. The system can also be trained using multiple images of good parts.

The user defines a number of registration points to locate the print on the substrate, this is used to align the system to the template and compare the images for defects. Using these registration positions the system can also detect print misalignment, screen stretch or distortion.

The software provides statistical information, this information can be compiled in regard to defect type (conductor defects, resistor defects, alignment defects, solder pad defects, etc.) or using the occurrence in position of defects on the circuits. This statistical information can be exported to a CSV file. The database and the results are available to the user. After the inspection is done, the inspected product moves out of the machine and all necessary information is displayed on the monitor.

Technical Specification

  • Max. inspected area: 220 x 220 mm
  • Inspection resolution: 10 microns
  • Average inspecting time for 6 x 6 inch area: 15s
  • Illumination: top / bottom programmable, adapted for particular product
  • Control: PC
  • Number vision cameras: 1
  • App. dimensions: L x W x H: 0.8m ( 32 inch) x 0.8m ( 32 inch) x 1.7m ( 70 inch) - Weight: app. 600kg
  • Electricity: 220V, 50/60Hz, or according to the customer requirements
  • Power: app. 1 kW
  • Compressed air: 0,4 MPa, 100L/min
  • Vacuum: generator included

Available options

  • Custom product fixtures, illumination, bigger inspection area