Fully Automatic MLC Printer Stacker


High Layer Counts, Large Production Volumes

  • Superior stacking at high layer counts
  • High productivity = low cost per component
  • High printing accuracy, suitable for the smallest components
  • Designed to integrate into your automated production line
  • Uses all carrier and freestanding tapes
  • Perfect carrier film removal ensures high quality product
  • Any special request will be designed into your machine
MLC Printer Stacker PAL-9

The machine is based on highly refined “print on stack” technology. Palettes load and unload automatically, with capacity for up to 100 palettes travelling at one time around a horizontal carousel. New layers of tape are cut from the roll and pressed onto the stack. Then electrodes are precisely printed and dried. An innovative system to remove the ceramic tape from the carrier. The cycle continues until the required number of layers and electrodes have been deposited. Pressing yields a completely flat and smoothened top surface of the stack, well suited for low electrode laydowns. The superior positioning accuracy of points is well suited for even the smallest chip components (i.e. 0402). Efficient, high speed operation results in a low cycle time (down to 5 seconds printing cycle time inclusive of palette transport).

Technical Specification

Printing/pressing area: 6 x 6 inch, (8 x 8inch)
Number of palettes: 1-100 pieces
Palette transport: min 5 sec. (at 3 sec. pressing time)
Squeegee: drag or diamond type with spread bar option
Squeegee speed: 50-250 mm/sec. or 2-10 inches/sec.
Snap-off: automatic adjustment with 1 micron or 1/25 mil acc.
Stacker press force:/td> up to 350 kN or 76,000 Ibf (optionaly 440 kN or 95,000 lbf)
Stacker press: heated up to 120 °c
Dryer: circulating air heated up to 100 °c
Clean air: tracks fully covered for clean room application
Safety: equipment complies with US and CE safety regulations
Dimensions: L: 3,63 mm (143 inch), W: 1,44 mm (57 inch), H: 2,26 mm (89 inch)
Weight: approx. 2,200 kg (4,800 lbs.)

Available options

  • cassette loadingsystem
  • Automatic ink supply
  • Palette additional cooling
  • up to 2 printers can be installed
  • up to 4 tape feeders can be installed
  • Automatic visual inspection
  • custom designed to meet special requirements

How to order

| | | |
| | | M - Mylar, F - Free standing tape feeder, S - Sheet loading
| | 1, 2 or 3 - Number of printers
| Sheet size: 6 or 8 inch
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