Cutting Machine


High speed, fully vision controlled

  • Cuts the most difficult, high thickness green ceramic ware
  • Automatically positions knife with high accuracy
  • Automatically finds cutting markers
  • Adjustable speed and cutting depth
  • Quick change and alignment of cutting blade
  • Warning function for blade wear and replacement
  • High productivity due to high cutting speed
Cutting Machine CM-Series

The compact CM 15 utilizes software that allows one operator to work multiple machines simultaneously. The automatic blade insertion and alignment system is unique, resulting in considerably improved uptime performance. The sturdy design of the CM 15, with sealed ball bearings on moving parts ensures a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. The vision system on the CM 15 adapts to the dimensions of your green ceramic with motorized cameras. The high-resolution cameras can detect the cutting marks on the side or on the top of the ceramic block, even under the lowest contrast conditions. The temperatures of blade and table can be set in a very wide range to provide the process conditions needed for high-thickness cutting and high speeds without deformation of the bar. The speed of the blade and cutting depth can be set in accordance with your cutting requirements. The blade holder will open automatically to allow easy change of the blade. The ceramic ware is fixed on the carrying table by a high vacuum on a paper or foil carrier or on your metal carrying plate. The software of the CM 15 allows easy automatic alignment of the bar when starting and easy detection of markers. Together with the uptime performance this results in unequalled productivity for high accuracy cutting.

Technical Specification

  • up to 12000 cuts/h without vision function
  • up to 4500 cuts/h with complete vision function
  • up to 8000 cuts/h for vision function on every 4th cut
Table size (typical): 250 x 250 mm (10 x 10 inch)
Vacuum table area (max.): 10 x 10 inch
Size of bars (max.): 10 x 10 inch
Cutting blade: different heights & thickness
Standard blade length: 205 mm (8 inch)
Safety: CE compliant
Electrical connection: according to customer requirements
typical: 200 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 20 A, app. 2 kW
Compressed air: 0,6 MPa (90 PSI), up to 300 L/min (10.5 CFM)
Vacuum: External vacuum source required
App. dimensions: L x W x H: 1100 mm (43,3 inch) x 1240 mm (48,8 inch) x 1840 mm (72,4 inch)
Bar handling: manual by operator, automatic from/to cassette

Available options

  • Pre-heating table
  • Post-heating table
  • internal Vacuum generator

How to order

CM - 15 X X
| | | |
| | | A - Auto bar handling from/to cassette
| | M - Manual machine without auto vision alignment
| Bar size: 4, 6, 8, 10 inch
Cutting Machine

Options and other requirements have to be specified separately.