N-TEC Automatic Wafer Breaker


Top CCD, recognition of ODR products

N-Tec Automatic Wafer Breaker

  • Breaks 12 inch wafer attached to 12 inchflat ring
  • Capable of working on wafers with metal balls on surface
  • Fully automatic wafer loading / unloading, tape attachment, breaking and tape removal
  • Top CCD provides vertical image from above; dual CCD design

Technical Specification

Dimensions 2460 mm × 1870 mm × 2250 mm (WxDxH) including signal indicators
Weight 1300 kg
AC power 3Φ /220 60HZ Volt.(V)
Air supply Air Pressure 5 Kgf/cm2
Air Tube Diameter Ø 12 mm
Vacuum source Vac. Tube Diameter Ø 8 mm
Wafer size 12 inch
Chip size 2 ˜ 10mm
Laser cut depth None
Flat ring size 12 inch


High resolution High-resolution digital camera (effective improvement of identification); multiple CCDs for various sizes.
Graphic identification Image identification is performed graphically; one image for each of sides A and B for image identification.
High precision Step servo motor for key mechanism, high-precision linear motor.
Leveling adjustment Starting at auto breaking mode and adjusting the level have been double checked to make sure the level is correct.
Automatic alignment Y-axis aligns automatically (set each cut or any cut to align once).
Calibration alignment θ-axis calibration and Y-axis alignment (set each cut or any cut to align once).
Multiple modes Multiple breaking modes are provided for a wide range of products, such as edge breaking, skipped breaking and mixed breaking.
Manual Manual breaking and secondary breaking are provided.