Roderik Höppener, President & CEO

From a young age, Roderik knew he had a particular knack for the sciences, specifically inorganic chemistry to understand the minerals he was collecting. After graduating from the Technical University Delft, in Delft, Netherlands with his Masters in Chemical Technology and Catalysis, Roderik spent several years as a technology manager where he invented and patented an improved tape process and was responsible for the scale-up and development of ultra-thin ceramic foils for multilayer ceramics. In other words, Roderik had found his calling.

His love for ceramics and technology was the inspiration for Haiku Tech, which was founded in 1996. His mission from day one was to combine the highest quality technology and service with the top-of-the-line know-how and processes, all in the name of providing the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction. Roderik’s vision has resulted in Haiku Tech becoming the global leader in the multi-layer electronics components industry by providing solutions that are specifically tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Roderik currently sits as President and CEO of Haiku Tech focusing on always enhancing the client experience and driving development to ensure that Haiku Tech remains on the cutting edge of future technologies. He is also one of the two founders of Dynamic Ear Company in Delft the Netherlands where multilayer ceramics are driving innovative dynamic hearing protection devices.

Roderik Höppener

Ralph Habets, Managing Director Haikutech Europe

Ralph was born and raised in Maastricht. With a keen interest in figures and logical models, he studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. After his studies he built his career in the High-tech Eindhoven area for 30 years. During that period he worked himself up at Barco Machine Vision, from System & Software Developer to R&D Manager to Managing Director of the Group.

He thus boasts a thorough experience on the management of high-tech equipment companies that combine electronics, optics, mechanics and technical software. In 2019 he moved back to his roots in Maastricht to join HaikuTech and drive the company to further success. With his son he runs their own Beatles’ museum.

Ralph Habets

Martin De Moya, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Martin De Moya knew at a young age that he would study science when he grew up. He took several computer-programming classes in high school and thought he would study Computer Sciences at the university but, lucky for us, he pursued his bachelor’s in industrial engineering instead.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo, he spent ten years working in technical sales before moving back to Miami in 1998, where he has always felt most at home.

Martin De Moya has been at Haiku Tech since the year 2000 and is currently the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His background and knowledge in Industrial Engineering allows him to properly guide customers through the purchasing process, ensuring that they find the perfect solution. Martin is a man of many talents, and during his spare time enjoys scuba diving, playing drums and piloting small planes.

Martin De Moya

Ronald van Olmen, VP Technology

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Ronald van Olmen has always been fascinated by the sciences, specifically chemistry, a subject he excelled in throughout his academic career. After receiving his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen in The Netherlands. In his first jobs he developed the right skills to be a successful Project Leader in Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor technologies at Philips and Darphon. Ronald moved to Taiwan where he gained firsthand experience transferring LTCC lines to China.

Ronald moved back to The Netherlands in 2006 and is currently the Vice President of Technology at Haiku Tech. He is responsible for the technology, consultancy and prototyping of LTCC/HTCC packages, LED carriers, SOFC implementations and tape casting. When not in the office, he can be found enjoying all nature has to offer, hiking and photographing the scenery along the way.

Ronald van Olmen

Hendrikus Oostra, Sales Manager

Having grown up on a family-run dairy farm, the ins and outs of running a business run through Hendrikus Oostra’s veins. He has always enjoyed interacting with customers and helping out his family, but found himself more fascinated by the inner workings of the equipment used on the farm. His curiosity motivated him to study polymer chemistry and physics, focusing on polymer technology.

After receiving his Masters of Science from Groningen University in The Netherlands, Hendrikus spent several years as a project leader for a chemical company working on process research and product development. He is currently the Projects and Sales Manager for Haiku Tech where he oversees customer specific sales and innovation requests throughout Europe and Asia. Though he has moved away from his family farm, Hendrikus stays true to his roots, enjoying maintaining his property where he even kept a pet pig next to his dogs.

Hendrikus Oostra

Fabian Heijnen, Operations and Facilities Manager

Having been fascinated by large trucks and forklifts in his father’s warehouse from his early years, Fabian pursued his bachelor’s degree in business administration, transport and logistics management in Rotterdam. During his career he has held several operational and managerial positions in the international maritime shipping industry and hinterland transportation, working in Antwerp and on the container terminals of main port Rotterdam.

Fabian joined the Haiku Tech Europe team in October 2018, tasked with the management of operational matters like Order Fulfilment, Facilities and Logistics in an expanding business environment. Besides his work, he is dedicated to spending quality time with his wife and their three children. Fabian takes an interest in sloop rowing on the river Maas and crossing the hilly surroundings of Maastricht on foot, running.

James Caraballo

Wesley Joosten, Project Innovation and Service Manager

Another born and raised Dutchman is our Project Innovation and Service Manager Wesley Joosten. After wrenching his way up from race-car Mechanic to Automotive teacher Wesley made a career switch to the High-tech industry working for companies like Tesla and ASML, spending lots of his time in Korea and Taiwan as Commissioning Engineer and Technical Trainer. He joined HaikuTech Europe in early 2019 and built up our Service Department and boosted our Project Innovation department for the European and Asian market.

Leading both Departments he provides Project Innovations, Industry 4.0 Implementations and Technical Support to our customers. Travelling abroad to customers is in his blood but when he is not working on our machines, he goes back to his roots restoring high-end classic race cars.

Wesley Joosten

P-J. Broodbakker, VP Sales & Marketing

At the age of 7 P-J taught himself how to program an 8-bit computer and dreamed that maybe one day all things would be connected. In the years that followed he studied physics and electronics and after he eventually lost his aversion to commercial themes, he even got motivated to do an MBA. Upon graduation he entered the world of semiconductors and high-tech. P-J has spent half his working life in Asia, or traveling in between, working for, or together with; ASML, Intel, TSMC, NXP and several other equipment makers, as well as establishing his own agency company and consulting practice in Taiwan.

P-J’s passions are People, Technology and Traveling, and he gravitates towards challenges that require bridging the gap between different cultures, technical fields, roles and perspectives. Connecting it all together is what makes our lives interesting, and eventually, those who are able to balance all stakeholders in a process, are able to win the deal. Early 2022, P-J has chosen to join forces with Haikutech and help make us the winning team.

PJ Broodbakker