N-TEC Automatic Wafer Mounter


Suitable for silicon and Sapphire wafers

N-Tec Automatic Wafer Breaker

  • It adopts the Robot arm to raise the performance.
  • The product can also be switched to the manual mode. It supports to process a small amount of rings or broken wafer quickly.
  • The product can be paused in the automatic mode to fill rings, wafers, and films.
  • According to the requirements of process, the product can process a stack of rings.

Technical Specification

Dimensions 2320 mm × 2210 mm × 2620 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 2100 kg
AC power Working voltage 240V 50/60Hz 1 Φ Volt.(V)
Power switch (NFB) 60 A
Air supply Air Pressure 5 - 8 Kgf/cm2
Air Tube Diameter Ø 12 mm
Wafer size 4, 6 or 8 inch
Chip size None
Laser cut depth None
Flat ring size 8 inch or 5.5 inch
Tape size for 8-inch frame can be 300 mm x 100 M
for 5-inch frame can be 230 mm x 100 M


Film detections Support the detections for film mounting and lack.
Automatic Fully automatic rapid production.
Alignment Alignment sensor for wafer alignment mechanism.
Barcode reader Wafer ID reader. And Ring barcode reader.
Quick replacement Quick replacement of membrane and waste material reels.
Minimize reduce Reduce the operation cost by minimizing the tape consumption to about 275 mm.
Tension-adjustable Tension-adjustable tape supports the optimum dicing conditions.
Heating Wafer suction platform can be heated to 50 °C.
Airbag The airbag is flexible and the film will be mounted on the wafer closely.