Steel Belt Tape Caster


Steel Belt Tape Caster

The CAM-S series of tapecasters are designed for lowcost tape production,since the process takes place on a continuous stainless steel belt. The S series tapecasters are mainly used to produce dry tape thicknesses from 15 to 200 microns (0.6 to 8 mils). The automated continuous slurry dosage flows through a slotted die system with ± 10 micrometer (0.4 mils) slurry level height control on the castingbox. The casting gap is set using micrometer screws and displayed on 2 digital measuring gauges. The standard caster comes with automatic belt tracking system for the steel belt with pneumatic belt tensioning, dried tape winder and a 25 Liters (6.6 gallons) slurry vessel.

Optionally, under the belt heating and additional sections of top heated air in counter-flow can be added to meet specific requirements:

  • ceramic tape edge cutting
  • more and longer dying zones
  • slurry filter cartridge

Technical Specification

Casting speed: 0.3 - 6 m/min (1-10 ft./min) adjustable
Belt width: 300 mm or 600 mm (12 or 23 inch max.)
Casting width: up to 220 mm (9 inch), or up to 450 mm max. (18 inch)
Dry tape thickness: 15-200 microns (0.6-8 mils)
Thickness accuracy: +/- 2 micron (0.08 mils)
Drying: 1 bottom heating zone
1 top heating zone (filtered air adjustable from room temperature to 80 degr. C max.)
Slurry feeding: automatic by air or Nitrogen pressure
Slurry vessel: 25L (6.6 gal)
Belt speed: controlled by frequency exchanger, belt tension adjustable by air pressure, tracking mechanism with edge sensor forbelt tracking
Dryer Construction: Stainless steel
Safety: CE compliant
Dimensions: Depends on version
Required connections: Electricity - According to customer requirements
Compressed air: 0,6 MPa (90 PSI), up to 100 L/min (3.5 CFM)

How to order

Cam - S 30 X
| | | |
| | | Drier length 5 (7, 9, 11) (m)
| | 30 or 60 only - max. Belt width in cm; *option: special custom request
| Stainless steel belt type
Casting machine