Demo and Prototyping Center USA

Demo and Prototyping Center

In its demo and prototyping Center in Florida USA, Haiku Tech jointly develops with its customers the ceramic multilayer technologies for tomorrow’s production factories.
The Center boasts several tape casting machines from laboratory scale to an 18 m (60 ft.) long full scale industrial tape caster.
Screen printers are available for semi-automatic and for fully automatic production of screen printed layers or patterns on soft and hard substrates.
Our engineers are actively tuning the organic additives to your ceramic or metal of choice, to establish low cost processes on our highly productive equipment.

Currently we are focusing on LED ceramic coated thermal substrates, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer plates and MLCC/LTCC technology. We develop and toll produce ceramic tapes and multilayer ceramic products to speed up your developments and commercialize your products faster. We have developed new self-learning optical inspection technologies to inspect products produced easier, faster and with a higher reliability by artificial intelligence for the smart factories of the future.